A marketing professional, disability rights activist, social entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast

Ankit Rajiv Jindal is a person with visual impairment. He holds a full-time Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the prestigious Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) – University of Delhi.

Ankit has nearly ten years of corporate experience. He is currently working as a marketing professional at Dell International Services, where he leads the thought leadership marketing programs for Infrastructure and Cloud Computing practice. He has earlier worked at Wipro Limited and Infosys. The marketing campaigns that he led won two prestigious industry awards including the Best Thought leadership Campaign at the Great Indian Marketing Summit and the very prestigious Abby Awards. With his progressive career in marketing function (both in national and multinational organizations), which is often considered inappropriate for persons with visual impairment, Ankit has challenged the conservative wisdom of job identification and strongly advocates meritocracy and equal opportunities.

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1501, 2018

An Open Letter to Major General G.D. Bakshi

We disabled persons and their representative organisations are aghast at the deplorable manner in which a decorated soldier like you conducted himself on a TV show. While you were participating in a discussion on a news channel, consequent to the Supreme Court order of January 9 disposing off a petition [...]

2104, 2017

Four ways B2B marketing is changing – a practitioner’s view

Marketing in B2B companies has evolved from a “nice to have” function to a “must have function. Growing fast and profitably is a key priority for all B2B businesses especially in IT services industry. I don’t claim to be an expert, however in my career spanning nearly a decade, out [...]

2709, 2016

Five Reasons to Make Technology Inclusive and Accessible

Technology has been a great enabler for persons with disabilities. It has provided unprecedented access to information, communication and services that has empowered persons with disabilities to participate social, economic, political and cultural activities. Yet it is ironical that large number of technologies continue to be developed ignoring the needs [...]

1709, 2016

3 Technology Hacks That Can Help You At Work And Go Easy On Your Eyes

Some days ago Dr Vikram Venkateswaran, the founder of healthcare in India, had developed an allergy in his eyes, which made him extremely sensitive to bright light. This made it difficult for him to work on the computers as the glare of the display caused tremendous discomfort to him. He [...]